The following time-line describes the process for filing a nomination for candidacy, announcement of candidates, voting, and approval of the two new directors at our annual meeting this spring.

January 1 through February 3, 2014   

Nominations accepted  (Nominations are currently closed)

Eligible candidates will be asked to respond to a brief questionnaire and to sit for a photo.  All candidates’ photos and responses will be compiled to comprise the ballot for the election.   Announcement of the slate of candidates will be made to the membership in the February member newsletter.

February 12 through March 7, 2014 

Election period  (Elections are currently closed)

On-line ballots will be sent electronically to those members with email addresses, and paper ballots will be mailed by post to those without email.  Remember, each membership qualifies for one ballot.   Following the close of the election, the ballots will be verified and counted.

March 12, 2014   

Annual Meeting of the Dubuque Food Co-op

The two candidates receiving the two largest vote totals will become the new directors.  At the annual meeting, the current board of directors will approve the two new directors and will retire the outgoing two directors.   Officers of the board of directors will be voted upon by the board at the next meeting of the directors.