Holiday Extended Hours

For your convenience during the busy holiday season, the Dubuque Food Co-op will offer extended hours of service on weekday evenings.  Beginning Monday, November 16th through December 30, the store will be open until 9pm on Monday - Thursday.  Our hours of operation will be Monday - Thursday 10am - 9pm,  Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 8am - 7pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm.

Shop at the Food Co-op to fill your holiday table with meals made of fresh, local, delicious meats, salads, sides, and sweets. Thank you for shopping at the Co-op.  May this holiday season be filled with special times for you and your family.

Introducing Certified Naturally Grown

From Leah in Produce:

We’ve recently expanded our roster of local producers by now carrying Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) products. What is this all about you ask? The certification is very similar to the USDA Organic certification with a couple of minor differences. First, growers pay lower certification fees and less paperwork. That is a big win for our local growers whose time is so limited because of lack of labor and let’s face it, they need to be in the gardens and fields giving love to those fruits and veggies! CNG inspections are peer-reviews carried out by fellow farmers and others in the community. This technique fosters trust and direct relationships that support learning and networking. Don’t fret, CNG doesn’t skimp on their guidelines. In relation to the USDA Organic certification, CNG farms are managed to foster biodiversity and ecological balance and the standards require firm commitment to farming without GMOs and synthetic inputs. You will see CNG producer items on our shelves that are clearly identified. If you would like to read more about this certification (or lookup a farm) please click here.

Welcome to our new Board Directors!

Election Results are in, and we'd like to introduce our two newest Board Directors: Josh Clements and Tory Daugherty!

Thanks to all of the other candidates who ran: Connie Connolly, Darin Harmon, Jeff Manternach, Tera Muller, and Ron Tigges. The Dubuque Food Co-op is a democratically run organization and we truly appreciate your commitment and energy.

Finally, our sincere adoration and appreciations go to our departing Board Directors Suzanne Guinn and Paul Schultz. Thank you for your passion, your work, and your magnificent personalities. You will be missed!

Making an Impact

On March 3rd the Dubuque Food Co-op was honored to attend the 365 Impact Awards as a winner in the Shopping category. Below is the stated purpose of the awards:

"It’s for those who choose to make an everyday effort to Impact the world around them 365 days a year. Its meant for those who believe in our community and are willing to do something to make it better for everyone."

Our sincere thanks to Dubuque365 and Premier Bank for presenting such a wonderful event, additional thanks to those who nominated and voted for us, and congrats to all of our peers who also took home a beautiful Gene Tully sculpture that evening. We're honored to be a part of this amazing community.

Keeping It Local.

Local foods are fresher, taste better, and typically retain more nutrients by traveling faster from field to plate instead of spending days or weeks in shipping. By purchasing goods from local producers, we work to create and maintain a healthy local economy and support family farms whenever possible. Spending your hard-earned dollars on local food and goods gets you great-tasting food and a vibrant community. 

In 2014 over 20% of our total sales at the Dubuque Food Co-op were LOCAL products. That’s almost $112,000 pushed back into our community directly to LOCAL producers!

Holiday Thanks from the Dubuque Food Co-op Crew!

The crew just did our Secret Santa exchange this morning... creepy Santa ornaments, vinyl Men At Work albums, cooking utensils, gift cards, turtle jerky (for realz), fingerless gloves, and more! It was silly fun, but we'd like to share our serious thanks to both the Dubuque-area community and the larger co-operative community for all of the great support since we first opened this past May. Have a grand New Year!

Seasonal produce update

The weather has taken a turn, farms are selling down their warmer crops, and Leah has been pumping up your Produce department with a beautiful winter selection of excellent organic and LOCAL produce.  We’re talkin’ pears, sunchokes, leeks, squash, tangerines, tangelos, apples, kale, and more.  In fact, Produce tends to be our most dynamic department, as it's so seasonally dependent and so fresh.  

And on this note, your trusty Produce Lead Leah has reported in on all the latest produce news here!