New (used) Bulk equipment & shopping carts

We're happy to report that we are now the proud owners of a slightly antiquated but very loved bulk department for future use in our store.  That is to say, we own the wooden fixtures and plexi storage bins, which our volunteer (and hero) Perry S. drove to north central Iowa to pick up with his own vehicle.  The fixtures came to us by way of Fresh Connections Co-op in Algona IA, who previously took possession of them from Wheatsfield Cooperative in Ames IA after they upgraded their bulk department.  We also purchased a stack of shopping carts in very good condition.

Unfortunately Fresh Connections recently closed, but they were kind enough to allow us to purchase this equipment from them on a budget.  Our sincere thanks to Chris, the membership, and the Board of Directors at Fresh Connections… we wish them the very best and appreciate the work they’ve done to create a more healthy-food-centric community in Algona and the surrounding area.