November Update from the General Manager

Hello friends!  There is a dusting of snow outside, but inside the work has been continuing at the Dubuque Food Co-op, and we have more progress to report.


In our previous newsletter I mentioned that we were working on a new website, and I’m happy to announce that it’s now live!  The redesign was done primarily to give us a more flexible site that we could use as a destination for any and all information regarding your own Dubuque Food Co-op, and I hope that we’ve achieved that.  When you go there you’ll be able to find build-out updates, local events, contact information, membership information, a FAQ, and more.  Plus, we now have our floor plans posted so that anyone can explore the store before we open the doors.  It’s still in the early stage, but please do take a look and offer any feedback you might have: www.DubuqueFood.Coop

Also, in the last two weeks our condensers and our walk-in coolers have arrived!  The company doing the installation is on site as I write this, and they’re hoping to have the condensers installed on racks in the basement and the walk-ins constructed in the back of the store later this week.  We’ve been talking about refrigeration for a long time, so it’s pretty exciting to actually see the equipment stacked up in our beautiful space.  We’re still awaiting our refrigerated display cases and those are currently due to arrive on December 10th, at which point our various contractors will swarm into the building to run power and plumbing, to build walls, and to really kick this last building phase into gear.

Below are just a few pictures of the walk-ins, which shipped as panels but which will be complete structures when they’re finished (photos courtesy of our pals at Digital Dubuque).  The panels are a combination of wood and insulated urethane pressed between galvanized metal sheets, and they will be assembled into boxes of sorts, with doors and insulated floors, and plumbed drainage and power.  The coolers will then be piped to the condensers, which will also run our display cases.

Other Stuff

We’ve had so many wonderful vendors express interest in partnering with us, and unfortunately we’ve been so busy working on our build-out that we haven’t had a chance to follow up with many.  We’ll very soon be sending out a vendor letter to discuss our timeline and next steps, and my personal thanks for your interest and your patience if you are one of those vendors.

In addition, last I checked we were up to 1333 members and growing!  Thanks for being a part of this amazing collective experience, and we’ll continue to post news about our progress on our new website and on our Facebook page.

I hope that you have an excellent, warm, and safe Thanksgiving!